As a community we believe that spending time in the secret place is vital in our walk with Jesus Christ. It is our mission to create a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, be delivered and set free of bondage, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory to help others transform in Christ.
"I have never, in my 5 years of being saved, had a true and intimate relationship with the Lord. It wasn't until I found this ministry a year ago that I really learned how to dive deeper in the secret place. It has truly changed my life and helped my walk with Jesus in a way I cannot describe."
- Nyla Garcia
Before attending GoToSecretPlaceMinistry's Bible Study, I only read the Bible by scriptures here or there. I wanted to go deeper in my relationship with God, but I didn't know what step I needed to take. Attending Evangelist Jessica's Monday Bible Studies has transformed my walk with God. It has created transformation in my heart as I journey through the scriptures to know God more. I even gained confidence in my identity through the word of truth, and found great connections in the community with other women who love and follow Christ Jesus. I now share this same love for the word of God with my family. 
- Brintney Conerly